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Discussion in 'Property Analysis' started by wombat777, 23rd May, 2016.

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    18th Jun, 2015
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    Let's use this thread to post some actual growth (or decline) figures based on valuations or contract/sale prices.

    Include in notes whether valuations are bank-panel or desktop valuations.

    Certainly not statistically sound samples, however it will be interesting to see at a micro level what growth is actually being achieved.

    Try to use a format consistent to the below. Ensure you include some explanatory notes to give a basic understanding of the property and any factors that may have affected growth.

    Suburb = 2155 Rouse Hill
    Type = Vacant Land Contract + Build Contract

    1. Feb-14 to Mar-15 (14 months): Total 15.8%, Annualised 13.6%
    2. Feb-14 to Aug-15 ( 19 months ): Total 44.4%, Annualised 28.1%
    3. Feb-14 to May-16 ( 27 months ): Total 49.9%, Annualised 22.2%
    • Feb-14 = Vacant Land Contract + Build Contract
    • Mar-15, Aug-15 and May-16 were all bank-panel valuations
    • 12 minute walk from the new Rail Station so riding the growth associated with the Sydney boom and the rail link completing in 2019
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