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Discussion in 'Starting & Running a Business' started by bob shovel, 9th Oct, 2016.

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  1. bob shovel

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    18th Jun, 2015
    Lower Blue Mountains
    Has anyone studied or gone to any of the things The Entourage run?

    (This is not an ad but my understanding, dealings and opinion of them :))

    I first heard about Jack Delosa, the founder after listening to a podcast interview with osher günsberg. Ep 127: Jack Delosa - The Osher Günsberg Podcast -
    After listening and liking what i heard did some googling and found his company The Entourage.
    I liked it on Facebook as a way to find out more and see what they are about and from what i saw they looked very interesting. They are disrupting the education system for business and entrepreneurs. Originally starting with input from Richard Branson i believe.

    I signed up to the email list for more info and after reading some more signed up to the "talk to an expert" link for someone to call me with more info. (Yes i was skeptical at first as i have a sensitive BS meter:D ) they called me and i had really good positive chat about what they do, business talk, goals, planning and importantly what my ideas were and how they fit in with what they do. It had a very "property chat" feel... compliments all round ! :) the guy on the other end was also starting his own business and had goals and the positive mindset and all that good stuff about choosing your own path in life.

    Basically they offer a few courses but for me it was recommended to do diploma in business but they run the course around your own business. So it's not generic crap you're going over, it's directly related to your business and growing your business but also "learning the curriculum". They pointed out it was not so much about getting the piece of paper at the end but using the course to develop your skills and directly use them to grow your business. I thought that was very cool! Im not really interested in the piece of paper at the end, i kept researching more because i wanted to learn from them and other entrepreneurs. They also offer other tailored courses but by going down the diploma path you can use the vet fee government assistance. ..hecs or whatever it is called these days.

    Has anyone else dealt with them?