QLD Subdividing in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Property Analysis' started by Pleasure Paulie, 1st Mar, 2020.

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  1. Pleasure Paulie

    Pleasure Paulie Well-Known Member

    13th Jul, 2015

    I'm looking at a property - its around 650sm and on a corner, I believe its medium zoned density.

    Is there any pit falls or things I need to consider when calculating the cost to subdivide or perhaps putting a duplex on the block?

    Is there a minimum size the block needs to be for subdividing?
  2. Sackie

    Sackie Well-Known Member Premium Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Bondi Beach
    If I was looking at this property, I would do a few things, but probably already have a good idea about what can be built in the area.

    1. Understand what options the site has. Many try to read all sorts of codes and work it out. I just engage a town planner to have a quick look over the site to give me rough options of what can be built. Once you go through a few of these exercises, you will know a lot faster what options similar sites will have.

    2. You need to do a BOE feaso to know which (if any of the options) will yield a profitable outcome. There is a lot involved in that. Basically you need to know what the demographic wants in the area and what they will pay for it. Determine your costs ball park figure, add a margin of error, then see what kind of profit margin there is. If it comes to approx. 30% or so for a duplex or splitter, then its worth (imo) to do a more thorough feaso. The subdivision costs are just part of the feasibility. If you are wanting to subdivide then sell the lots, you do a feaso on selling the lots, after all your costs, what potential profit margin there is.

    That's a very, very basic rundown. Do lots of reading in the development section. There is no quick and easy answer to this.
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  3. Rhys Doyen

    Rhys Doyen Member

    29th May, 2020
    You need to gain an understanding of if the lot can be subdivided first or what options are available for the lot in terms of zoning etc.

    Once you know the options available to you, you then need to crunch your numbers.

    To answer your question, yes there are specific minimum lot sizes, these vary based on configuration (side to side, front to back) and zoning, plus other factors.

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  4. DeJ

    DeJ Well-Known Member

    16th Nov, 2018
    The general size to subdivide is 800m2.
    There are different zonings.
    For example if it's within a certain distance from a major shopping area it can be smaller.
    Give council a call, they're actually pretty good at giving info over the phone.