Standard Specification Sheet for IP build quotes

Discussion in 'Development' started by theperthurbanist, 28th May, 2020.

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    5th Aug, 2016
    Hi guys, is anyone happy to share their standard spec sheet they use to tender construction costings to ensure consistency between quotes? Bonus points for one in excel I can use to compare the prices of each builder.

    Level of spec i'm looking at is 'above average' investment property in Perth (target rent ~$400/wk; sale price around $450k). Small 3x2 street frontage dwelling. I understand I will have to adjust the quality/quantity of some inclusions to suit my project but I thought it would be good to see what others specified and to make sure I don't miss anything or that my assumptions aren't way off (resulting in a price that isn't realistic).

    In my case I am looking at a ‘sustainable’ build (7-8 star) so there will be specific inclusions for insulation, fans, low VOC paint, etc.

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