Renovating PPOR in Vic Park - would like some feedback on plans

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by death2thepixies, 2nd Jun, 2020.

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  1. death2thepixies

    death2thepixies New Member

    10th Dec, 2019
    My partner and I bought in Vic Park and are renovating while we live in it (at least 5 years). It's a heritage house on 370sqm - close to the river, good condition but dated, 4x2 with master that's a small upstairs loft. Bought for 730k and reno budget 70k. We're pretty handy so do everything ourselves apart from plumbing etc.

    So far we've ripped out carpet and sanded floorboards, painted, added patio, replaced floor tiles, demolished existing 80s-looking kitchen and moved it for better flow. Next is laundry and downstairs bathroom. Last we plan on converting a living room to an ensuite, so it will be 4x3.

    I've attached before and after plans (the ensuite layout is still work in progress!), and the finished kitchen as an example of our style. Do you think what we're proposing is worthwhile/add value or are we overcapitalising, especially with the new ensuite?

    kitchen-finished.jpg before.png upstairs.png after.png