Relocating / Transporting a House in NSW to a Block of Land in Newcastle

Discussion in 'Development' started by Jessica Hazel, 8th Feb, 2020.

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  1. Jessica Hazel

    Jessica Hazel New Member

    8th Feb, 2020
    Has anyone out there relocated an older style home to a block of land in New South Wales?
    My husband and I are looking to purchase a block of land in Newcastle and have been offered a house in the same area that needs to be relocated or it will be demolished.
    This is something that I have always wanted to do, and is so common in QLD and Victoria, but in NSW it seems a little taboo.
    It is such a confusing process as well, and I was hoping someone out there may have completed a house move quite recently in NSW, and be able to step us through the process.
    Particularly approvals - I have had a company tell me you can get approval from a Private Building Certifier and another tell me that a full DA will have to be submitted through council.
    Please help - I want to hear your experiences and learn from them!