Recommendations - paint sprayer?

Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by KayTea, 6th Sep, 2016.

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  1. KayTea

    KayTea Well-Known Member

    10th Aug, 2015
    Inside my head
    Hi all.

    Over the next few months I have to paint a large fence, and a whole one-storey house (just been rendered). In an effort to get my weekends back for 'fun' stuff at some point in time before 2024, it was suggested that I used a spray gun, rather than a brush/roller, in order to attack these jobs.

    Having never used one, I don't even know what I'm looking for, or what is a reasonable amount to spend. Any recommendations - style, cost, pitfalls to look for etc.

    TIA, KayTea
  2. Swamp

    Swamp Active Member

    4th May, 2016
    Hi KayTea,
    I am not a professional painter but my 2c: I had a roof, fence and weatherboard house to paint and ended up going for a Graco Magnum for around $850 from Masters:
    My reasoning was:
    • well known brand you can get parts for at places such as this:
    Graco Magnum DX, XR5, XR7 and XR9 parts from Paint Sprayers Unlimited
    • Its airless so less problems with drift and gives a good finish
    • Lots of accessories such as the roller attachment, extensions second hoses, wide range of tips etc.
    I found it gives a great finish (just used Dulux weathershield on my PPOR roof in a colourbond colour and it looks great). You can wind the paint delivery up and down to suit the job so I wound it down for the roof for a light coat then wound it up to lay down the final, it laid down a good 200mm wide finished strip as fast as I could walk (hardest part is keeping paint up to it). It does clog after a while due to the solids in the paint etc but you just turn the nozzle to the side and pull the trigger to clear it. Cheapest quote to paint the place professionally was $12k so laughing all the way to the bank...
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