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Discussion in 'The Buying & Selling Process' started by chinchilla, 20th Jan, 2020.

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  1. chinchilla

    chinchilla Member

    5th Dec, 2019
    I came across a potentially interesting property in Melbourne, big block of land, close to train station, subdivision potential, has an old house in pretty poor condition (substantial reno works needed) but it can be brought back to life for relatively cheap until the subdivision happens. The house has addition (sunroom/rumpus) which is a clear DIY job.

    I rang up the council to see whether that horrendous addition had a building permit as I suspected that it wouldn't. A council lady couldn't find any building permit and suggested that it was possible that the whole house was built without permit, not only the addition. The other possibility was that the whole street changed names and that it was the reason why she could not locate a building permit.

    A friend of mine who is a tradie thinks that it's also possible that the council misplaced the permit as they tend to be sloppy in record keeping. Since I'm planning to use the first home buyer stamp duty waiver, I need the house to be in liveable condition to live in it for 12 months and I don't want to risk council making me knock it down prematurely.

    Has anyone came across a case like this? Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. lightbulbmoment

    lightbulbmoment Well-Known Member

    21st Jun, 2015
    What about every single old house ever built in Australia before 1950??? Does the council have the building certificates for these. No chance in hell.

    Wouldn't be worried one bit at all.
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  3. Patrico1966

    Patrico1966 Well-Known Member

    12th Jun, 2019
    North perth
    I had a similar issue. Once they check the records and cannot locate any permit or house plan, they will then send you a note to that effect. My house was built in the 80's so not sure why they could not locate any plans or permits. You have to pay for the council search, I would not rely on a phone conversation. Bear in mind if a previous owner added a large pergola 8 years ago for e.g then council would have that on google maps and they could get nasty but I doubt it.