One into Three Small Lots Subdivision - Brisbane

Discussion in 'Development' started by ray63, 3rd May, 2016.

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  1. ray63

    ray63 Member

    16th Mar, 2016
    What are the estimated 'infrastructure' costs for a one into three subdivision?

    Sewerage is in front of the property and Water is across the cul-de-sac street (shaded lot in picture)
    BCC infrastructure levy x 3 lots less a credit for existing house?

    Do the QUU charges for "additional work charges" with road crossing include digging up the road etc??

    If the existing connections can be used, can they be converted to a two lot connection (ie considered a QUU Standard connection) and an additional connection be obtained that is not a standard connection? Or are two 'Not a Standard Connections' required?

    Does each lot have their own water and sewage spur line to the trunks, or can they be shared from the site to the trunk?

    Could it be more cost effective to disconnect the existing water and sewage, and run three new water and sewer lines up and easement along the centre of the site? (Obviously, 'it depends', but what might some of the considerations be?)(site slopes up from the street).

    It's also likely that storm water drainage might be required along the western and southern boundary. If there were a one metre setback along the southern boundary, is there enough room for water and sewage/ telecom/power to run along the same trench?

    Other than strata-title, any other ways to reduce these costs?