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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Fansele, 18th Feb, 2020.

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  1. Fansele

    Fansele New Member

    10th Feb, 2020
    WA, Australia
    Hi all,

    I moved from Melbourne a few years ago and thinking now ready to buy my first property in Perth..
    Still not sure whether its going to be a ppor or an ip (happy to keep renting for the next few years if the rental yield from the ip is good)..

    Started looking at kensington, como, and vic park but i think the prices were above my budget, so now moving to evp & carlisle...

    Would appreaciate any tips on the good areas in carlisle & evp.. Or more importantly maybe areas to avoid in these suburbs...

    Also, can anyone give me a rule of thumb (if there is one) on the "value" of a green title subdivision over survey strata on two properties with similar size of land and similar building ?
    I'm not looking to develop or anything, just wondering if i have to pay extra for the "value"...

    This whole green title subdivision thing is new to me as there's no such thing in Melbourne..

    Thanks all and looking forward to be able to contribute here..
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  2. Rolf Latham

    Rolf Latham Inciteful (sic) Staff Member Business Plus Member

    15th Aug, 2005
    Gold Coast
    Jess Peletier is a good tip :)