New Gas Service Line VIC

Discussion in 'Development' started by andnic, 5th Dec, 2019.

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  1. andnic

    andnic Member

    7th Oct, 2016
    Hi All,

    Seeing if someone could answer this please?

    Currently subdividing off backyard, have DA and subdivision permit. (Melbourne)

    Looking to get the gas service line put in prior to the back house being built Origin are saying we need to have a lock up date for the house before we can request this.
    We want to sell off the back block with plans and permits so obviously the build/lockup date is not know.

    Reason for getting this installed now is so we can redo the concrete drive that has been dug up so the other services can be run to the back block and the required drainage works completed.

    This will also give us the option to sell off the front house if needed as it will look presentable and have completed access to the newly built garage at the rear.

    Has anyone had a gas service line installed prior to the build?


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