QLD Morton Bay- Sewer line

Discussion in 'Property Analysis' started by b_ball_ing, 14th Oct, 2019.

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  1. b_ball_ing

    b_ball_ing New Member

    12th May, 2019
    Looking at a property in Morton Bay area that has a sewer easement running right through the middle, diagonally front to back, but not running under the main dwelling.

    Wanting to place a granny flat in the back, and despite being large-ish (600+) block, the only usable area is smack bang in the middle of the sewer line.

    Have spoken to Unitywater, GF builder and Town planner- all of which say it is possible but ultimately up to the water authority to decide, which is no guarantee.

    If I went ahead and everything was approved, what happens if there is an issue with the sewer line down the track, and Unitywater need to access the pipe?

    I know in other states authorities have the ability to remove whatever has been built on top (legally or not) should an issue arise- this can be a condition of adding a structure over an easement.

    Anyone have any experience with anything similar?