NSW Looking for PPOR with potential capital gain (Central coast)

Discussion in 'Property Analysis' started by Kendra Shen, 7th Jul, 2019.

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  1. Kendra Shen

    Kendra Shen New Member

    21st Apr, 2018
    Hi everyone,
    we are recently looking at our own house and come across these few houses that I would appreciate if you can give opinions. We are planning to live in the house for 5-10 years or longer if we like it. The plan is to rent it out if we need to find a bigger place in a few years or sell it if it has increased in value. It has been hard for us as it will be owner occupied and we get emotionally involved.
    Couple - 30 and 40 years old
    both working professionals
    deposit - 500K

    26 Coogee Road, Point Clare, NSW 2250
    pro - very close to train station and shops (about 6 mins walk). I go Sydney quite a bit so that helps. Easy access to highway. Relatively close to Gosford CBD. House is big and view is good
    con - a bit over our budget esp considering we want to buy own clinic in 2-3 years.
    81 Thames Drive, Erina, NSW 2250
    pro- close to big shopping center and good suburb. price is reasonable. Thinking to do some kitchen renovation and change the flooring+ paint
    con - we didn't look around this suburb because it's further from highway and also no train passing through.
    2 Tyne Close, Erina, NSW 2250
    Same street as the second property
    pro - close to big shopping center and good suburb. Has renovation done already so we don't need to do anything
    con - expensive compare to option 2, location is essentially the same. I don't know if the price is worth the extra internal space and renovation they have done