Landscaper for 3 Unit Deve

Discussion in 'Landscaping' started by willy1111, 31st Aug, 2015.

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  1. willy1111

    willy1111 Well-Known Member

    16th Jul, 2015
    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone had recommendations for a landscaper for Outer Eastern Melbourne Suburbs for a 3 Unit Development. Landscaping plan has been drawn and approved by council so it needs to be completed to the plan.

    Also anyone have expectations on estimated price, time for completion for landscaping for a 3 unit site. Would be interested to hear from those who have done one.

    Thanks heaps.
  2. Beanie Girl

    Beanie Girl Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Hullo, I recommend John Patrick from John Patrick Pty Ltd
    He's a very good landscaper who regularly presents segments on ABC's Gardening Australia monthy and whose landscape review reports and opinions are regarded highly at Tribunal hearings on VCAT planning appeals. He did a landscape plan for me and after the VCAT hearing, will be carrying it out.

    John Patrick Pty. Ltd. is one of Melbourne’s leading specialist Landscape Architecture Practices with over 30 years of experience providing Landscape Architecture services to the private sector, local government and state government.

    The practice comprises 16 Landscape practitioners with diverse experience including extensive work for the City of Sydney for the 2000 Olympics, ongoing work for major local government organisations including City of Melbourne and the City of Glen Eira and, in recent years, ongoing work as a Landscape Witness at VCAT and Panel Hearings.

    In this area our reputation and experience is second to none.

    John Patrick Pty Ltd
    324 Victoria Street
    VIC 3121

    [P] +61 3 9429 4855
    [F] +61 3 9429 8211

    [email protected]