Help - Landscape & Civil Plan inconsistencies

Discussion in 'Development' started by littletee, 31st Mar, 2016.

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  1. littletee

    littletee Active Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is well - been a while since I've been around.

    Keen to get some thoughts/advise as to what you'd do if you were in my position.

    We're on the home straight for my duplex development in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and we're at the stage of starting the concreting/fencing/landscaping etc. We met this morning onsite with the Builder and Concretor to go through everything and believe it or not my Builder only just noticed that there is a significant inconsistency with what the Civil Drainage Plan is showing (ie concreted areas) against what the Landscape Plan is showing. In short, Council has endorsed and signed off on both Plans but the issue is we were about to implement the Landscape Plan but when the Builder went to check the Civil Drainage Plan to see where they want the grates put in for the water catchment to show the Concretor he noticed that the clear inconsistency as there's a whole side path in both duplexes that the Civil Drainage Plan hasn't accounted for Concreting whereas the Landscape Plan obviously has.

    My Builder is a bit paranoid now because Council is holding $40k Bond and the Inspector there is anal and he has no idea whether he'll inspect using Landscape or Civil Plan so we're a bit stuck about what to do next.

    Has anyone else come across this and know what would happen in the above case and which plan take precedence over the other? Most likely what we're going to do is get the Architect who worked with Council on the Plans to go back to them and ask them to provide clarification as to where they want the grates due to the inconsistency that they've signed off on so hopefully we can get some clear guidelines from them as to what to do etc.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this interesting one? Thanks