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    22nd Jun, 2015
    North brisbane
    I am an avid reader of pc and previously ss, probably found them a bit to late in regards to set up but fairly happy with what we have bought and could afford, Haven't ventured to far from home, IP1 at bracken ridge 3/1/2, one child still lives there, so able to fix up as we can , owned outright. Have private ruling so rent not assessable as no expenses. PPOr at Burpengary5/2/5, owned but have 140 owing for deposits from offset for IP4and 5. IP2 Burpengary 4/2/2 with potential to add second dwelling, cnr block 981m2 ,IP3&4 at Kallangur both 3/1/2 highsets( will add rooms,etc downstairs when time allows) 4 sons are builder,2 brickies,and plasterer/renderer so will be calling in a few favours one day. IP5 is duplex at Caboolture near new school being built. At a standstill at the moment, just paying off deposits, need a new truck in July so need funds available.