Have your say on Labor's Negative Gearing proposals

Discussion in 'Property Market Economics' started by Simon Hampel, 16th Feb, 2016.

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  1. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Founder Staff Member

    3rd Jun, 2015
    Based on the various discussion threads on the topic (Bill shorten poised to take negative gearing. ... ALP Proposed neg gearing changes ... Why removing negative gearing might be a good thing for some) - Labor's proposed negative gearing/capital gains tax changes are causing a stir.

    Jason Scott, a reporter for Bloomberg News, has reached out to me to ask property investors (or potential property investors) whether their future investment decisions would be affected should a government wind back current advantages.

    He's asking for on-the-record comment for his article to show these decisions have an impact on real people (i.e., you).

    Please contact Jason on [email protected] or 02 9777 8683 if you wish to be involved.
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