Hammerhead Subdivision Driveway matter

Discussion in 'Development' started by Talia, 2nd Apr, 2020.

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  1. Talia

    Talia New Member

    2nd Apr, 2020
    Hi there,
    I did a Torrens Title hammerhead subdivision in 2010 and sold the subdivided land behind my home.

    The person who purchased the land and built a dwelling on it never installed a concrete driveway and instead just filled it with gravel. The entire southern side of my house is the boundary to the driveway and in recent months I have noticed water damage to the external wall and a lot of cracking and have major cracking occurring inside my home also.

    I am concerned about the fact a proper concrete driveway with a fall to the street was never installed as there is clearly no drainage or ability for water to go anywhere but into the ground against my foundations.

    I have begun to question if this is in fact legal given my home is on the boundary and my foundations are being exposed to water because of this. I was very young when I did this subdivision and it was a very stressful time for me so I didn’t probably ask the right questions back then.

    I have uploaded an image of the driveway and I would greatly appreciate anyone’s advice or information as to whether this gravel driveway is legal or not. I’m located in the western suburbs of Adelaide.

    Thank you.

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  2. housechopper2

    housechopper2 Well-Known Member

    5th Oct, 2016
    I’d be surprised if a lack of concrete driveway would cause the issues you are saying. The eve of your house shelters the base of your wall to a degree from direct rain and the gravel should allow water to sink into the ground. It would be a different story if there was significant fall of the driveway towards your house.

    If you are concerned, get an engineers report before concerning yourself with the driveway.
  3. Scott No Mates

    Scott No Mates Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sydney or NSW or Australia
    What was beside the house before you subdivided? Grass would be the same sad gravel allowing water to be absorbed into the soil.

    Was there a condition in the subdivision DA requiring a paved driveway or additional drainage be installed?