Government grants/assistance for start up business

Discussion in 'Small Business' started by Hysteria, 18th Jan, 2016.

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  1. Hysteria

    Hysteria Active Member

    27th Jun, 2015
    Has anyone used the resource of the government for grants or business loans?
    If so how did you find the process and did it take long to get the funding?

    I made a call today to enquire to see if I was eligible for funding and to what amount of funds I would be able to receive. The consultant was some what helpful...but hard to understand and kept directing me to sign up for the "programs" and that I could pay for this over the phone.

    So looking at the website it seems you sign up to programs for a small fee that assist your business and can help with your loan or grant application. But it is still a bit unclear to me. Any one who has done this provide a but more clarity or you success with this?

    Next option of finance will be to try and release some equity we have but this will be a struggle with and 19 month old and another due in July. Final but reluctant option to move forward is to sell a property to access some funds. But this I would like to avoid
  2. jrc

    jrc Well-Known Member

    20th Jun, 2015
    Regional NSW
    It seems to me like you have contacted someone who makes money by steering people to grants. Search and see if there is anything then decide if you need someone to help you
  3. Excalibur1

    Excalibur1 Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    There are a large number of grants available (Grant Finder - Find Government Grants and assistance for Business |
    Then there are state specific grants too. You are best of doing a search on there. Some businesses were screwing the government over the grants. The Educational companies. Where the government paid over $100m in grant and only a handful of people graduated.

    So there seems to be a grant for everything. I think grants for employing disability people are some of the best and possibly most beneficial to everyone. So it all depends on what business you want to run. I would not recommend doing anything education at the moment because most of them are being wound up and going through courts.... although probably none of directors (scammers) will do any jail time. Where is justice in that?