VIC Feasibility Study

Discussion in 'Property Analysis' started by ThaRealJaySnell, 11th Aug, 2019.

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  1. ThaRealJaySnell

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    3rd Jun, 2019
    Hi Guys

    So onto the next investment property and wanting to create a feasibility study so i can quickly analyse properties and base them on Projected ROI, being a person who has studied in Architecture and Construction but work as a real estate agent i understand the basics but also have the necessary access to property reports and trends and all the stuff i need to be able to make a formal prediction on resales.

    I want to make sure i cover everything so i would like peoples input in how they run there numbers.
    I am trying to make an excel sheet that is completely linked to each other so i can change numbers and quickly adapt to each property that i look at.

    I have separated into the following tabs with each tab having the following

    Overview - To be the summary and no input data, just to represent the equation of all figured including graph, costs vs return, percentages all the final stuff

    Purchase - To include Purchase price, deposit, amount borrowed, stamp duty, LMI and then miscellanious costs (such as loan creation)

    Renovations (front house) - to price certain rooms based on estimate $ per m2, So kitchen, bathroom, laundry, extension, bedroom, painting, landscape, misc

    Sub division - trying to break down these costs, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Construction per house - i have Permits, strata fees, architect, landscape, civil and struct, geotechnical, enviro, traffic, accoustic, TP, land surveyor, QS, BI, Legal, demo, stat fees, authorities (maybe in SUb division), DD contingecy,

    Resale - SO breakdown of resale, agent fees, marketing, legal and conveyancing

    FInance - Interest Rate, Bank Fees, then cost per month

    Am i forgetting anything ? im using this based for a front reno and subdivide at the back.

    I guess im looking for someone who has done this before to give me a good cost basis on the above, i really have been working on figures that single sub division is generally around 30-50k, and a house at the back is around 350-400k. But if i could further break down those costs and see where everything is going, it also helps from a finance standpoint when presenting this kind of data.

    I want to lock down a cost per m2 on the above renovations, then sub division costs, and then break down on construction costs.

    any help would be great.