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Development funds: Folkestone Opencorp etc

Discussion in 'Other Asset Classes' started by Swamp, 18th Sep, 2016.

  1. Swamp

    Swamp Active Member

    4th May, 2016
    Hi all, I am looking at investing in these development funds in my smsf (was looking at direct property but still accumulating outside of super and dont want to take the hit to my serviceability). Seems very attractive with Openwealth acheiving 32% annual return on projects to date?
    Development Funds - OpenCorp
    I have read all the old threads but they mainly discuss their BA type service. Some comments in the what are you doing with your smsf thread sparked my interest. Any thoughts? Any risks I should be aware of? Anyone confirm experiences with the returns? I have submitted an enquiry but have not heard back as yet so any feedback is mu h appreciated.