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Discussion in 'Property Experts' started by Jey2018, 6th Jun, 2020.

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  1. Jey2018

    Jey2018 Active Member

    17th Oct, 2018

    I am looking to buy a property to live in, in the Blacktown council area in western Sydney. Was researching flooding are etc using their online map.

    Came across bold dash line marked area in many places on the map.

    An example is shown in the image below and it's marked as "Development Control Plan Items":


    I did search on the council's website and their development plans, I could not find any detail. I have seen this marking in along a busy road and also on a quiet road as the one in the picture.

    What would be possible cases for this marking? Road extension?

    What to expect if I buy a property around it?
  2. Thomacino

    Thomacino Well-Known Member

    9th Nov, 2018
    NSW - Sydney
    Looks like a misalignment of the specified area, zoom out and it might be outlining all properties inside the black dotted line and is subject to Development Control Plans, which all properties are..

    Quick call to Blacktown Council will answer your queries, they are easy to deal with.
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