CSIRO Australian National Outlook 2019

Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Lizzie, 1st Feb, 2020.

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    Can be pretty heavy reading - but hey - it's 46 degrees outside today so I've nothing else to do.

    If you want a quick "skim" then download the Executive Summary ... but if you can managed it, the full report is well worth a look

    Australian National Outlook 2019 - CSIRO

    "Some of the findings of the ANO 2019 report are confronting. The report shows Australia is at risk of falling into a Slow Decline if no action is taken on its most significant economic, social and environmental challenges. However, the report also outlines the bright future we can achieve as a nation, if Australia tackles these challenges head on. We have the opportunity – right now – to help build a future where Australia has prosperous and globally competitive industries, inclusive and enabling communities, sustainable natural resources and strong public and civic institutions."
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