Corner block fence height

Discussion in 'Landscaping' started by Emma Grummisch, 30th May, 2020.

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  1. Emma Grummisch

    Emma Grummisch New Member

    7th Jun, 2019
    We live on a corner block in Melbourne and want to build a 1.2m capped picket fence along the front and side of our property. We applied for a dispensation to the council to go above the 1m regulation and have been knocked back. My questions is, has any one successfully appealed and won? I don't believe we are making an unreasonable request. We live on a main road (Category zone 2 according to Vic Roads) and have small children to worry about, dogs, noise from the traffic, zero privacy. I understand there needs to be consideration for traffic sight but I have provided photographs to the council that prove there would be zero visibility problems if we built a fence. We have a triangle splay already on the footpath but even without this, you can see oncoming traffic from vehicles approaching the intersection. The reason council has rejected it actually has nothing to do with traffic. It was about pedestrians running into pedestrians. Most people can see over a 1.2m and those that can't (children), wouldn't (shouldn't) be walking along the main road without an adult present.
    To add salt to the wound, every other corner along our street has a 1.8-2 metre solid paling fence along front and side which totally blocks out all visibility.
    And also looking at non-corner blocks that have 2 metre front fences right up to the driveway so cars reversing wouldn't see someone walking along the footpath until they have already hit them.
    I have spoken to a traffic engineer and costed up getting a report written that supports my argument but that will obviously come at a significant cost. I am just curious if anyone else has been in this position and won.
    The back up plan is to go with the 1 metre fence and grow a giant hedge behind it. Not as visually appealing but still does what I need it to do.
  2. Joynz

    Joynz Well-Known Member

    5th Apr, 2016
    Your requested extra 20cm doesn’t seem like it will help with noise or privacy! I’m not sure It will help keep dogs in either.

    Just go for the 2m fence and a hedge.
  3. DeJ

    DeJ Well-Known Member

    16th Nov, 2018
    If I was you (and I'm not) I would take pictures of all of the other higher fences on corner blocks in the area.
    I would put a up a similar fence (with the provision to cut it to regulation height if you really had to), and if they tried to make you reduce the height, take everyone else down with you, if you have to then they all have to.
    I'm sure they won't make you all cut down your fences.
    We did one recently (not in Melbourne), the main point was visibility from the corner at a certain point, 5m I think. We just squared off like 2 metres of the corner, and put the gate in that 2m flat section.
  4. Scott No Mates

    Scott No Mates Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sydney or NSW or Australia
    Set your fence back from the boundary (check Gee local development control plan) - a 1m setback will allow you to exceed the height. Plant a box hedge in front of the fence.