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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by clint05, 25th Jun, 2015.

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  1. clint05

    clint05 Well-Known Member

    24th Jun, 2015
    Hi guys and girls, my name is Clint and I grew up in the country town of Inglewood, Qld. Approx 300km west of Brisbane. I purchased my first home and my first IP at the same time in 2003 when I was 19. They cost me a grand total of $56,000 for the both of them, they were pretty rough but a tidy up and some new floor coverings and they were pretty liveable again. I purchased property no. 3 in 2005ish. This was a much better house on a double block. I paid $107,000. Then again somewhere around 2005-06 I bought a block on the famous Russell Island. I paid $30k for that and it doubled in less than 2 years but has since more than halved. Lol. So I'm back to that being worth less than I paid for it. I still have all of these properties.

    I moved to Brisbane late 2006. And was very fortunate that I was extremely poor in 2007 and 2008. Because when the government doubled the FHOG to $14,000 I thought WOW!!! What an excellent time buy! Prices are going to go through the roof! How wrong I was. It was a massive eye opener seeing the prices come back down, and I'm fortunate I didn't have an expensive PPOR or a heavily negatively geared IP.

    I was able to purchase a PPOR in coorparoo in 2012. Because I was an apprentice at the time, I had serviceability issues so I bought that 50/50 with a mate of mine. Paid $355,000. I lived there and rented the bedrooms.

    In 2014 my mate and I drew the equity from our coorparoo property to purchase a house on an 880m2 LMR site in Zillmere with the intention of developing and becoming mega rich. But I decided to pull out of this venture as I felt a wiser way forward for me was to concentrate on smaller projects that I could fund myself and get the full benefit from.

    We sold coorparoo last month for $520,000. And we have just obtained a DA for 5 townhouses on our Zillmere property and are looking to get that sold ASAP also. At this stage our estimate is that, that property will sell somewhere in the low $600's.

    And I have entered into a contract with my girlfriend to buy a property in Bardon as our PPOR, which we plan to renovate, and either sell and repeat or hold onto. I would want to Reno and flip but I might have trouble convincing the lady ;). We are actually having some issues obtaining the finance at present. I definitely should've gone to Somersoft for a recommendation of a broker but for some reason I asked my accountant for a recommendation and what started out with a confident "yep! Easy as no problems here" has since turned into "Mmm... It's very tight, the bank wants this and that, and this that". But I'm hopeful we'll get it over the line. Should know in the next day or 2. Wish me luck.

    I am also keen to set up a SMSF to buy a cheap property in my super. I will get the ball rolling on that once I find out whether we get the finance for our Bardon home or not.

    Anyhow, that about sums up my property journey. Thanks for having me on the forum and I look forward spending plenty of time on here.

    Kindest regards,
  2. datto

    datto Well-Known Member

    23rd Jun, 2015
    Mt Druuiitt
    Welcome aboard Clint.

    Hope PC makes your day.:)

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