Brokerage / parcel size

Discussion in 'Sharemarket Investing Platforms, Tools & Services' started by Zenith Chaos, 1st Mar, 2016.

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  1. Zenith Chaos

    Zenith Chaos Well-Known Member

    10th Jul, 2015

    My comparison of brokerage above, taken mostly from Trade Shares Online from $14.95, conditions apply - nabtrade,
    indicates the point where I can buy the smallest parcel whilst minimising fees is around $20K/trade. I'd like to know the thoughts of other members on:
    • The broker used. Good experience, feedback, fees etc
    • The size of parcels.
    • How buying an ETF with a MER of 0.15% would double fees when brokerage is included and how much of this influences your trading strategy?

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