QLD Yield in Logan

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by gach2, 10th Jul, 2015.

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  1. gach2

    gach2 Well-Known Member

    30th Jun, 2015
    Just seeing opinions on this.

    At the moment we can see prices are starting to rise a little as the market seems to heat up (i guess at this moment barely heat up from a frozen past).

    Rent on another hand seems to be quiet stable (although more and more larger/better/newer accommodation is coming)

    Based on rising prices and stable rental values yield starts to drop in a % factor.

    Also been told by agents it seems to be more investors purchasing (local and interstate) and many building under highset to create dual living potential and the new planning scheme allowing auxiliary units. Based on this rental stock seems to be increasing

    Also looks like rental demand in Logan is quiet high with many suburbs having low vacanies.

    Just wondering opinions on where they see yield going for the area
  2. Special order

    Special order Well-Known Member

    7th Jul, 2015
    270-320k Corner block around 700m2, high set built in under, with granny flat or temporary dwelling on the side, at least 600 a week and that's no exaggeration. Also be smart about what areas you pick! Logan is a big area and the better yields and faster CG is NOT always in the lower demo areas.