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Discussion in 'Service Provider Directory' started by York, 10th Oct, 2016.

  1. York

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    24th Jun, 2015
    upload_2016-10-10_14-19-55.png Hi friends,

    My name is George Poullos. I am a passionate property investor and finance broker. I created Wisdom Lending to help others who are also passionate about property by assisting in growing their property portfolio and reaching their financial goals.

    I focus on residential & commercial property loans for clients in all states of Australia and I have also helped clients in South East Asia.

    One of my core focus areas is service. I understand how important it is to constantly know the status of your loan and therefore, I will respond to all enquiries in a quick manner and will keep you well informed during the entire process.

    I am more than happy to chat anytime of the day, so please feel free to give me call or send me an email. I am also a regular at the Wenty's meetups in Western Sydney. Come say hello!

    Happy Investing!!

    Kind Regards,
    George Poullos
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