Which professional do you speak to about value adding to your PPOR???

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by Nic_oh, 20th Mar, 2017.

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  1. Nic_oh

    Nic_oh New Member

    18th Feb, 2017
    Ferny Hills
    Hey there,

    My Fiance and I are working out what to do with our current PPOR and are in the process now of getting a retaining wall mended. From there our next steps were going to be to get our single carport torn down, a double erected in its place along with "hour glassing" the driveway to the double size. The idea we have committed to so we can create some curb appeal.

    Our house is a low set brick home that was built in the 70's that is a complete original fit out down to the water heater system that is still inside, brown oven and nasty pink bench top with 3 different types of tiles + carpet if you want to see more check it out - 40 Gordon Road, Ferny Hills, Qld 4055 - View Sold History & Research Property Values - realestate.com.au.

    I am seeking some obligation free consultation to find the most effective value adding to the property as my fiance and I want to manufacture equity to spring board off of into our next investment property.

    Has anyone else without a trade background been in the position before?

    Additionally I have heard that there is some way of getting renovations valued before they are even started in order to get finance from the bank to pay for the reno and build equity, is this a thing or wishful thinking? (trying to be a time savvy as possible).

    Any recommendations would be appreciated and look forward to hearing anyone else's stories.


  2. Terry_w

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    18th Jun, 2015
    Australia wide
    A valuer.

    If you have contracts to complete works these can be used in determining valuations too.
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Some people know immediately when they walk onto a property, that this is the one for them. However, later further inspections often highlight what may have been missed the first time. Removing that first “falling in love” emotion is difficult.