What is the buying steps in Vic?

Discussion in 'The Buying & Selling Process' started by bsteve, 3rd Sep, 2016.

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  1. bsteve

    bsteve Member

    13th Nov, 2015
    I found a thread for WA but not for Vic, may be I haven't looked at the right place.
    I'm aware each state would be different.

    Also recommendations for the team as well please.
    Conveyancer / solicitor. (Would you get the solicitor to do conveyancing work?)
    Property Inspectors
    Pest Inspectors
  2. Simon Moore

    Simon Moore Residential & Commercial Mortgage Broker Business Member

    4th Mar, 2016
    Level 6 250 Queen St Melbourne VIC 3000
    My steps are
    1. Research - what area do you want to buy, are you looking for capital gains or cash flow etc.
    2. Finance - before you start looking at individual properties get you finance sorted so you know how much $$ you have to play with
    3. Start looking for the right property based on your previous research
    4. Have contracts and section 32 reviewed by a solicitor, add clauses as required to your individual circumstances
    5. Make an offer/bid
    6. Valuation
    7. Settlement
    8. Live the dream

    If it's your first time buying you may want to engage a buyer's advocate, make sure you use one that is not a real estate agent in disguise! I know @JacM and @JamesGG are great advocates.

    @Mitesh Dedhia from Think and Grow Finance is a great broker who is also active on the forums.