[VIC] The Basic (internet search) Due Diligence a Buyer Should Do

Discussion in 'The Buying & Selling Process' started by GreenTea, 24th Nov, 2019.

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  1. GreenTea

    GreenTea Member

    9th Sep, 2019
    [VIC] The Basic (internet search) Due Diligence a Buyer Should Do

    I'm planning on buying a property in VIC sometime in the next few months. Like everyone else I would search on realestate and Domain and create my own list of favourite properties. The next stage would be doing my own quick internet search (websites below-please add to it) on said properties to eliminate the un-wanted ones for whatever reason. My last bum-on-the-chair step would be to start comparing similar sold properties in the same street and if I can see a trend or not.

    What follows would be steps in the field sort of work, like inspections and visiting the street of a property during different hours and getting a sense of how it's like.

    I hope the experts here will add to my list of FREE websites and how to benefit from them.

    Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

    SMES - Survey Marks Enquiry Service

    Email alerts of planning applications near you | PlanningAlerts

    Search for a planning report

    Did I miss something ? How do I maximise my benefit from the above websites ?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Dan Wood

    Dan Wood Well-Known Member

    18th May, 2019
    I haven't look at those links (yet) I always use Microburbs and a combination of RE & Domain.

    Plus online searches for the area and surrounds.
  3. KateAshmor

    KateAshmor Victorian Conveyancing Lawyer Business Member

    25th Jun, 2015
    Looking up the builder and surveyor (for relatively new properties) at the Victorian Building Authority’s website, and generally Googling them.

    Ringing the Council to check if there are any building/enforcement orders, nearby development applications and the general history of a property. Yes, it’s not an online search, but it’s free and often invaluable.

    So is visiting the next street, to check the properties that back onto the one you are interested in.

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