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Unit block on one title - strata ??

Discussion in 'General Property Chat' started by Anna5524, 31st Aug, 2016.

  1. Anna5524

    Anna5524 New Member

    31st Aug, 2016
    Hi Looking for your wisdom around how easy it is in tassie (or in general) to strata a unit block. Looking at a block of 4 - two 2x1 units and two 1x1 at offers over $320000 in regional tas... Rental returns are around 8%.... it's a 1965 build (solid as) but pretty much in original condition. Rents could be increased a lot with some love but obviously strata would see us able to sell one or more and keep one or more possibly. I've no idea about this as only purchased houses before and a unit already under strata. Any help appreciated