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    19th Jun, 2015
    What are people's thoughts on Tullamarine in Melbournes North West. For many the association with this suburb is ofcourse the Melbourne airport but do people have any thoughts on long term growth?

    Current Positives:
    The main housing area of Tulla is under 20ks from the CBD with good freeway access which will only get better with the Tulla freeway widening.

    Whilst no close train station it is situated near the 59tram which takes you direct to flinders st station.

    Right next to Airport West Westfield shopping centre which is going through its own little gentrification (cafes and trendier shops replacing old clothes stores).

    The areas of land around Tulla are being developed. Essendon Fields is going through a big growth phase including a massive hotel. Essendon FC's home ground and ofcourse the newly announced surf stadium.

    Currently it's very affordable. You can get a good sized development block for 400-450.

    Future Potential:
    At some stage there will be better access into Melbourne airport and how will this potentially effect Tulla residents? Every future plan has a train of some description whether into the CBD or a fast rail between Sydney. A train station is inevitable the question is when and how easily accessed.

    Proximity to Airport:
    As Melbourne grows, so does tourism and I believe only will the popularity of things such as AirBNB. Such close proximity to the airport could open a number of opportunities for savy investors.

    Ugly looking suburb:
    Unfortunately Tulla went through a housing build of ugly 1970s homes which take away from the look. Some developers are doing knock downs but there is a fair way to go. At some point it will look better.

    Airport: whilst the airport offers benefits, not everyone is keen for a 777 flying overhead frequently.

    Land: whilst I listed land being developed as a positive there is always going to be a sense of Bush as opposed to urban due to the airport which will never be developed.

    Restaurants/Cafes: Severaly lacking in this area, anyone wanting to dine out needs to head towards Niddrie/Essendon.

    Anyone else have any feedback comments? I think for a short term outlook within the next 5 years there will be small growrh. The Tulla widening might give it a slight boost if successful and people can access the city without the morning gridlock. After that though I think it's a wait and see, IMO it's a bit of a speculative play but it could have a huge payday in time.