Town planner vs private certifier

Discussion in 'Development' started by kirags, 11th Oct, 2019.

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  1. kirags

    kirags Active Member

    12th Nov, 2017
    Sorry if it sounds like a silly question, but what is the difference between the two?
    Basically we want to understand if we can do a CD in a property we are considering buying.
    I approached the town planner in the council who told us she can't advice on CDC and told us to engage a private town planner or certifier.
    I am confused as to which one should I contact to assist us in understanding what can be done in terms of renovation before we move in.
    The answer to the question will influence if we buy or not the property. Actually we are deciding between two properties.
    Thank you
  2. Scott No Mates

    Scott No Mates Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sydney or NSW or Australia
    A town planner deals with zoning issues (and compliance), the Certifier deals with building applications (under a CDC).

    If you want to know whether you can build townhouses on a battleaxe block you'd approach a TP, if you want to start building, then the PC will need to determine if the fire source features, firewalls, noise transmission etc to grant building approval.
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  3. Ricky Ng

    Ricky Ng Active Member

    27th Aug, 2019
    Hi Kirags,

    You can almost rule out a town planner on a CDC application as it is through the SEPP. Put it simply, it is either you comply or you don't. There is no negotiations or wriggle room so the role of a town planner is not necessary.

    Certifiers will only tell you whether it complies with the NCC and built to AS. It has nothing to do with planning and controls.

    A building designer is who you need to speak to because we look at whether the extension you want to achieve will be compliant with the CDC controls, and in the event it is not, how we can still design in such a way to get you the same outcome that will be within the controls and get you the building approval.

    I am doing the same thing for one of my clients who is land hunting at the moment to ensure they purchase the right block of land for what they want to achieve with their development plans.

    PM me if you need any help.