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thoughts on this back yard

Discussion in 'Landscaping' started by luckystar, 14th Feb, 2016.

  1. luckystar

    luckystar Well-Known Member

    8th Nov, 2015
    Im going to landscape this backyard. its in a middle ring suburb but I want to do it as cheap as possible

    Its a large area (backyard)(600m2 aprox)on a gentle sloping block

    The first photo is the direct back of the house with a gravel area next to a deck-so was thinking of just paving over this and around the deck

    The second photo is the right hand side of the yard - I was thinking of leaving it grassed half way down (turf this later) then build a retaining wall with a row of hedges along the top and then excavate and level the bottom half and pave right down to the boundary fence where you can see the trees.

    the third photo shows the left hand side boundary fence which is falling down- so I'm going to rip all this out and run a new fence down the side- but as I do this- my neighbour is going to lend me his bobcat for free- so I have the opportunity to use this while the fence is down and I can excavate my back yard to the design I want and then return the bobcat and after build the fence- if you get what I mean! So thought I could level off the bottom half of the yard- use the bobcat to rip up all the yard and then pave with free/second hand pavers

    I would also have some steps leading from the gravel top down the middle to the bottom half to the paved area and on the right hand side build some vege gardens.

    I haven't paved before, but I imagine the area needs to be level?

    any opinions would be good gravel area.jpg right hand side looking down.jpg left hand side looking down.jpg
  2. wylie

    wylie Moderator Staff Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    If this is for an IP, then I would to bother levelling or making terraces. I would remove the rubbish (?) that is in the middle of the back yard (third photo) and whatever is under that taller grassy area just behind the timber deck and maybe top dress the whole yard or simply fertilise so the grass looks better. Maybe top up the gravel under the clothes line and put in a better edge between the gravel and the grassed area.

    To me, it just looks a bit unloved. It also looks (third photo) like the deck need a good pressure wash followed by a protective coating or maybe paint.
  3. WestOz

    WestOz Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Yep, I wouldn't get too carried away, as wylie said just tidy it up...
    Maybe scatter some stepping slabs though the gravel
    stepping slabs - Google Search

    A gazebo/bbq area would look nice down the back corner

    Guessing there's a leach drain next to the deck, long healthy growth, great spot for a veggie garden
  4. bob shovel

    bob shovel Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Somewhere in the land of Oz
    Have you used a bobcat? They're good at making mess of nice grass, then you'll be up for turfing the lot.

    Get some top soil and grass seed for around the clothes line. Job done
  5. Otie

    Otie Well-Known Member

    26th Mar, 2016
    Looks pretty good to me. Just needs a tidy up, get the weeds out of the gravel, oil the deck and get rid of the pile of stuff at the back.
    I would just throw some extra seeds on the lawn. Turf is super expensive, and if its tenanted they won't look after the grass anyway
  6. Jamie Moore

    Jamie Moore MORTGAGE BROKER - AUSTRALIA WIDE Business Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Canberra and Sydney
    A half basketball court :)

    Throw a net down the middle and you'll have badminton too :)

    Here's one I prepared earlier.



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