There are some great Airbnb stats in an article in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

Discussion in 'Airbnb & Short Term Letting' started by Depreciator, 5th Sep, 2018.

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    15th Jun, 2015
    Sydney centric stats, of course. But the pattern would be similar in other cities.

    What Sydney's Airbnb hosts made last year

    It would have been commissioned by Airbnb in part in response to the changes that were announced by the State gov't recently. This bit plays down the impact of Airbnb:

    'The study found almost 60 per cent of Airbnb listings host guests for between one and 30 nights per year, suggesting many hosts make their properties available while they are away on holidays. The median nights hosted for a home or apartment in Sydney was 20 nights per year. Only 10 per cent hosted guests for more than 180 days per year.'

    We have had lots of clients head down the Airbnb route, and then do a U-turn and head back.

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