The rise of co-working space in the Office Sector

Discussion in 'Commercial Property' started by Scott No Mates, 12th Jun, 2019.

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  1. Scott No Mates

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    18th Jun, 2015
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    Interesting article in the SMH on co-working space in both Sydney and Melbourne - Linky

    "Paul Badenhorst, head of CBRE’s Pacific advisory & transaction services – office leasing business, said the sector was changing the way office leases were now being constructed.

    "Tenants and landlords will now move rent rolls from being fixed to flexible and that will fundamentally shift the office leasing sector," Mr Badenhort said."

    The inner-west (Sydney) has a few of these places springing up, creative hubs or whatever, close to coffe shops, winebars and other distractions. Whether it works for hard to lease sites or will become more mainstream is yet to be decided.

    I will have to sit on the sidelines to see if the above rings true - I can't see leases for anchor tenants changing too quickly but there will be some movement (possibly temporary) until 'casual' is the new 'full time/permanent' or the employment pendulum swings the other way and the labour relations landscape changes once again.
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