The next City in Sydney will be ...

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Darlinghurst Boy, 9th Mar, 2016.

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  1. Darlinghurst Boy

    Darlinghurst Boy Well-Known Member

    29th Jun, 2015
    Darlinghurst Sydney
    we all know Parramatta is being pumped and pumped and pumped into being the next City in Sydney .
    I did think Penrith was going to be next with all the hype from the Liberals before the last State Electin but it seems their forgotten it .

    Looking at Fairfield last week... I think this will become a City one day

    Penrith , Fairfield are my picks this year for becoming cities and being pumped by Baird

    Where is the Airport going to be moved to ?

    Near Fairfield ?
    Fairfield is the forgotten little City that is growing .
    I had a lovely day in Fairfield last week... Ate a Thai Restaurant .so many Thai and Lao restaurants in this area .
    .. Looked around the local area ... Units from 350k.
    Never been that far West for years .
    Very busy traffic on main Roads .

    The only thing i was concerned about was the shopping centre seemed to be in Smithfield ? Neeta ?
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  2. AndrewTDP

    AndrewTDP Well-Known Member

    1st Jul, 2015
    Lake Haven.
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  3. bob shovel

    bob shovel Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Penrith, NSW
    Penriff once it has an airport! The Greater West!
    Parra ain't got nothing! They just moved the oxygen theiving governments offices there so it's destined to be a grave yard ;)
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  4. RenegadeDom

    RenegadeDom Well-Known Member

    22nd Feb, 2016
    I've lived in Smithfield my entire life and I doubt Fairfield will become a "city". The best bet in the greater western region would be Liverpool which has the infrastructure and fundamentals of a city in the making, as well as a council who wants it to grow exponentially. Geographically between Parramatta and Campbelltown, both of which are centres in themselves. There is already an abundance of high rise residential being built (an oversupply in the near future) and solid retail/ dining.

    Neeta City is in Fairfield, Smithfield only has some local shops. The closest decent shopping complex is Stocklands in Wetherill Park, which has just been recently upgraded and expanded.
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