termite treatment?

Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by TMNT, 16th Jun, 2016.

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  1. TMNT

    TMNT Well-Known Member

    23rd Jul, 2015
    just wondering ,
    a tenant of a relative has found termites in the wall of their bedroom,
    got told that by law termite inspectors have to do a report , cost $250 before they start even treating it

    can you buy a DIY kit or something from bunnings or master or some other means and do it yourself?
  2. D.T.

    D.T. Specialist Property Manager Business Member

    13th Jun, 2015
    Adelaide, SA
    Which state?

    Thought you could just have a pest guy go diagnose the extent of the issue and treat current issue and install barriers to prevent future issues.
  3. Sonamic

    Sonamic Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sunny QLD
  4. Joynz

    Joynz Well-Known Member

    5th Apr, 2016
    I would get an inspection. The termites may be in other areas of the house too. Without a thermal camera and other tools it can be hard to know the extent of the problem.

    The owner should do it right and get a professional in to assess the infestation and treat it.

    It is important that the tenant, or anyone, does not disturb the termites before the treatment.
  5. Handyandy

    Handyandy Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Don't know where this 'by law' bs comes from. Not aware of any laws governing termite inspections nor treatment.

    We found active termites in a property with about an 1/8 of the outside wall attack. They had also proceeded down some internal walls. We repaired/ rebuilt the walls and sprayed the inside of the walls with a Bifenthrin based product.

    We then also used bait stations around the house with ongoing monitoring happening. The idea behind the bait stations is that when the termites enter the stations you load the station with a cardboard laced with Fipronil

    "The active ingredient in Surefire Termiticide is Fipronil. Fipronil is a slow acting insecticide which allows foraging insects, like termites, the opportunity to take the poison back to their mates in the nest and spread it around, leading to highly successful kill rates."

    Nemesis Termite Bait Station + Bonus Termite Bait | Diy-pest

    We also went under the house and sprayed around all the peers and outside walls using liquid Fipronil

    Surefire Termiticide 1 Litre 100g/L Fipronil Termite White Ant same as Termidor

    Please be aware and adhere to all the safety instructions and use common sense. These product kill insects and as such assume that they are not real good for people or beneficial insects.

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  6. col col

    col col Member

    1st Feb, 2016
    sunshine coast
    Hi there
    Im a pest controller on the sunshine coast
    I always do a termite inspection before i treat any thing otherwise i would leave myself open to all sorts of things.
    I charge $220 to do a termite inspection then about $200 to treat the termites this includes me coming back as needed to confirm they are all gone.
    This not a termite barrier.
    Any questions im happy to help
  7. Sunnystate

    Sunnystate New Member

    11th Jan, 2018
    Col Col is right, as a termite inspector we firstly have to do an inspection, then a proposal outlining what we are going to do, then the treatment begins.
    $220 for an inspection is good, but $200 to treat them that's a bit low col col, but each to their own.
    once an agreement has been signed by the owner, the pest technician is responsible for getting rid of the termites.
    When i do my reports, i always put a quote in for a barrier at the same time, as col col stated the $200 is not a barrier, that's just to get rid of the termites in the house at that time.
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