Tarragindi & Holland Park West

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by ycdfdyan, 13th Aug, 2016.

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  1. ycdfdyan

    ycdfdyan Active Member

    18th Jan, 2016
    I drove around Tarragindi and Holland Park West recently and noticed there are a lot of new houses getting built up at the moment. The houses getting built look quite high end. The brand new houses (4bed 3bath on a 405m2 block) in Holland Park West are priced 1.1M+ and I have also seen brand new houses in Tarragindi sold for 1.2-1.5M which is way higher than the median price of these two suburb.

    Do you guys think this type of brand new house will sell well in these two areas?

    My other question is which one of them is more attractive to locals? They are pretty similar both location and price wise. An agent I talked to reckon Tarragindi is better and is slightly more expensive than Holland Park Wesr. Is this correct?

    Thanks for all your thoughts