NSW Surry Hills , terrible Oxford tower Apartments !

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Darlinghurst Boy, 20th Jun, 2016.

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  1. Darlinghurst Boy

    Darlinghurst Boy Well-Known Member

    29th Jun, 2015
    Darlinghurst Sydney
    mostvof you know i invest on the NSW Central Coast mainly particularly the Northern part near the freeway.
    But occassionaly I look around my own area ( Darlinghurst ,Surry Hills etc)

    Well my local area is going down in price (PPOR) compared to my Ip ' at Lake Haven and Charmhaven which have skyrocketed (but thats another story)

    So anyway not being able to make a Saturday inspection the Real Estate agent agreed to show me and my good friend Moshe a Sunday inspection in apartments at the Oxford Apartment building , 13 Waine street , Surry Hills .

    It was lighly raining snd overcast and Moshe was dressed in a long heavy black coat black hat white shirt making it difficult to walk up the stairs!!

    Walk up the stairs you ask ? Well we had a 2pm appointment and was walking towards Waine Street when we got a phone call from the agent saying she might have to cancel due to building problems ?

    We were pratically there in this rubbish strewn laneway to see both lifts in the Oxford Towers were not working and the agent apologetic.
    I watched as young mothers in the building asked for help in carrying their prams up the firestairs to their apartments.

    The agent was apologetic, just a "slight building problem" she said smilingly .

    Building problem ? Shouts my friend Moshe , building problem??? This is a bloody atrocity !!!
    Apparently the building manager only works Minday to Saturday abd they are unable to contact him.

    The only way up to see the 2 units for sale in this filthy crumbling building was up the stairs, so luckily i was wearing trackpants but Moshe had his black overcoat with blsck boots on making it difficult to climb the 11 fllors not to mention the single staurway and nany younger wanting to pass us on the way up.

    Finally we got to level 11 puffed sweaty and tired .

    The unit they wanted 429k , a small 27cmsq with no balcony overlooking another building .
    Working out the ridicilous strata fees etc the income left would be far less than my ip' s up on the Central Coast .
    Moshe offered her 330k on the spot, she laughed it iff, there are hundreds of people wanting these units she said , oh yeah i said where the hell are these smucks i asked her?

    Looking at the next unit , yes back down the stairs to level 10 , smaller unit , no washing machines etc, there were Asian students living there paying $340 a week rent.
    She wanted 420k for this.
    There is water coming thru the sealing , but not to worry Strata will fix this .... One day !

    "What am i idiot ? Asked moshe to her .this place is dump.

    Walking back down the stairs avoiding and sidestepping everyone,i got talking to an owner who oened a unit in Waine st.
    The lifts , now the lifts have NO alarm buttins and mobile phone doesnt work inside.

    We are shocked !!! There could be people still trapped inside the lifts with no way of communicating !

    The building manager works only Minday to saturday ... All lifts break down ... Tough .

    I think my outing even solidfied my need to invest on the Central Coast rsther than my local area !!!
  2. Ouga

    Ouga Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    "Trying is the first step towards failure" Homer
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  3. DaveM

    DaveM Adelaide Buyers Agent & KFC Strategist Business Member

    14th Jun, 2015
    Adelaide & Sydney
    Any experienced investor knows this place is a slum to be avoided

    Highly doubtful. The lifts could not get their annual safety certificate with no working alarm and intercom.

    Rest of post is A++++ would read again
  4. Plutus

    Plutus Well-Known Member

    30th Jul, 2015
    The North
    What did I just read
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  5. Tekoz

    Tekoz Well-Known Member

    24th Jun, 2015