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Discussion in 'The Buying & Selling Process' started by DueDiligence, 22nd Mar, 2020.

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  1. DueDiligence

    DueDiligence Well-Known Member

    27th Jan, 2020
    Sydney, Australia
    Hi all, I’m looking at buying a property , it’s is bordered with retaining walls. One wall is 50 m long, the other around 30 m. The longer wall looks proper, the shorter one looks terrible and this is holding ground from us breaching into the neighbour.

    The building and pest does cover anything within 30 m of the house, however, this is a little different given this block is essential bounded by walls. Has anyone had a structural inspector specifically look at a retaining walls when buying? Any advice?

  2. Scott No Mates

    Scott No Mates Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Sydney or NSW or Australia

    The risk is that some of the walls may require remedial works or rebuilding at some stage. A structural engineer could advise on the stability of those walls and your solicitor/land surveyor as to who the holds the responsibility/liability to maintain or replace.

    The survey will confirm whether they lie within or outside of your boundaries, complete title search will indicate whether there are rights of support & access for maintenance.

    A few $'000 for peace of mind.