Strata unit - Resolving ongoing roof leak/roof replacement

Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by Coconutwheels, 27th Feb, 2020.

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  1. Coconutwheels

    Coconutwheels Well-Known Member

    20th Jun, 2015
    After opinions on how to resolve a leaking roof on my unit in Cairns. The problem has been ongoing for over 5 years. I'll try to keep this post concise but can elaborate.

    Unit purchased in 2013, I was aware of issues with a roof leak after doing the strata search. Found that roof work had just been completed, can't remember the exact amount but was pushing $40k. Great I thought, roof was replaced. Down the track when leaks started again I discovered the $30-$40k was spent on removing all the old tiles, laying sarking and then refitting all the old tiles again.

    So then over next couple of years roof leaks again on and off with heavy rain, usually coincides with wet season, roof guy keeps coming saying gutters a blocked, one stage they were being done every 6 months, money spent to cut trees back etc. Roof doesn't leak over the dry season, then does when wet comes around again....

    2018 really bad leaks again, another tenant wanted to vacate (this one under lease) which I agreed to. Had a new roofer go out and find several cracked tiles, more with broken corners, lots sitting up not even. The biggest issue was the way the bottom row of tiles and sarking was fitted, it is causing 'ponding' of water that's getting into the roof onto the sarking, it then eventually finds a way through the sarking, be it a nail hole, rat hole or just an overlap.

    New roofers recommendation was roof replacement, or 'tanking' which is very expensive anyway and you still have an old tiled roof in the tropics.

    There was an insurance claim and payout for that particular event, the insurance company had an assessor/building inspector do up report that pointed out multiple problems with the tiles and their condition.and recommended that the roof had 'reach the end of it's useful life'.

    The repair done this time, by the original guy that relaid the old tiles, was a section of sarking replaced.

    2019 AGM, I obtained a quote to replace the roof and put it in the minutes to be voted on, with the assessors report and the roofers report that pointed out the ponding as evidence. No joy. Included options for funding via multiple special levies or finance.

    So again, this wet season in Cairns roof leaks in Jan and throughout Feb, tenant on a 12 month lease wants out due to his unit flooding 5 times over the last month or so, strata is back to following the recommendation of the original roof tiler again, saying the gutters are blocked.

    It's blindingly obvious that the roof needs to be replaced, (I can't imagine the insurance company happily paying out again for water damage without it).I am on the committee here but can't get replacement up as it will result in special levies, also I guess the fact that prior to me owning in the complex the committee stupidly spent such a huge amount to fit sarking and not replace it then, which is probably a pill to bitter to swallow.

    Any thoughts on what I should do wrt the current tenant and how to push to have this repaired properly??
  2. StunningWill

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    4th Oct, 2016
    What ended up happening with this? Does building insurance cover roof replacement and avoid special levies?
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  3. Paul@PAS

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    18th Jun, 2015

    See a solicitor. You may have a damages claim against the strata. They might take the matter more seriously when their cost expands and includes all your losses. Your insurer will not keep paying for damage resulting from the leak if the leak source isnt correctly addressed. They wont cover damage due to poor maintenance.