Stormwater drain running under house - issue?

Discussion in 'Property Analysis' started by Johnny12, 30th Aug, 2015.

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  1. Johnny12

    Johnny12 New Member

    2nd Jul, 2015
    Hello guys,

    We're interested in an investment property in Brisbane and had a look yesterday. All looks good, but when I noticed that the property was raised a bit off the ground I asked the agent why. It was a bigger block that was subdivided and 2 houses built - the house we are interested in was raised slightly slightly to comply with the requirements of being build over the stormwater drain underground running underneath the house. How big an issue is this? I'm fearful of the chance of the stormwater drain ever bursting / leaking etc that we would have to rip up the entire house? The agent says it's actually the councils issue if it ever has issues, but there's still implications surely if it bursts under your house, albeit a small chance of that happening.

  2. bob shovel

    bob shovel Well-Known Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    Lower Blue Mountains
    How big is the pipe?
    How old is the pipe or house /area? This can give you an idea of age and condition
    Is it just for your house or does it feed from the street or surrounding area catchment?
    How deep is it?

    You may need to contact QUU as they are likely responsible now. If it's larger than 150mm ask if they have cctv'd it recently or have any footage or reports available (may have been done when sub divining) also do a dial before you dig and post up for us, if it's significant it should be on plans (but i wouldn't be surprised if not on plans, storm is neglected in all councils)

    Those first things can make a difference
  3. Geelong Cable Locations

    Geelong Cable Locations Member

    30th Aug, 2015
    Yep I agree with Bob, post the DBYD plans and we can take a look for you, but just don't be surprised if the storm water is not on there.

    I'd have a chat to the council about it. If the house had to be raised because of the pipe then they should have details of it on record. Just ask them you exact questions, if something happens to the pipe in the future and they need access to it will they need to demolish the house.

    you will most likely find they won't, they will reline it or access it by other means, but the fact that they have altered the way the house is build because of this pipe, make me very cautious about it and I'd make sure you do your diligence first.