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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Serveman, 30th Mar, 2020.

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  1. Serveman

    Serveman Well-Known Member

    17th Apr, 2017
    North West Sydney
    Well it was around 1pm last Friday 28th March that I received a message from a friend that our coaching sporting organisation was about to pull the plug on our businesses. A few minutes later and the email arrived saying that we had to wrap things up by midnight that night. I new that this might happen with the way things were going but the school holidays were looming and thought, well, I usually have a break during this time anyway so not such a major deal. However as the afternoon progressed I actually started feeling that this is quite an unprecedented circumstance that I now face (sorry to use this word) and that I have never had a day off in 35 years, and that this could go on for months. I am about to lose my ability to make a living and wont know for at least 4 weeks as to what will happen next when the board meets. To be honest I felt a bit tense that it just happened so dramatically fast.
    On Saturday morning I was thinking about whether I should just have a 4 week rest, exercise and do some PD and work on the business, or apply for casual work or start another business or register for job start, which I never thought I would ever need to do.
    As I looked at things that I could do as casual business or jobs, ideas like lawn mowing, courier work, car detailing and fruit picking and online business ideas were some of the things that came to mind. Looking at Indeed and Seek I thought that many of the jobs probably wouldn't want to hire someone who in a month or two might leave and resume their former business.
    So I thought I would post this to see how others here would go about moving forward in this situation.
  2. Ted Varrick

    Ted Varrick Well-Known Member

    21st Jun, 2015
    No Mans Land
    Depending on your circumstances, do whatever you can.

    In this terrible environment, if you cant get anything that you deem suitable, possibly Hillsbus might be worth exploring.
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