ASX Shares Sneaky Algo trades

Discussion in 'Shares & Funds' started by Zenith Chaos, 16th Apr, 2020.

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  1. Zenith Chaos

    Zenith Chaos Well-Known Member

    10th Jul, 2015
    Reviewing watchlist and noticed:
    1. AUI @ 7.79
      1. up 0.6% on the day
      2. estimated pre-tax/post-tax premium ~1%/~11%
      3. share price dropped 26% from 52W high
      4. NTA price dropped 27% from 52W high
    2. VAS
      1. dropped over 2% on the day
      2. share price (and NAV) dropped 25% from 52W high
    Checked recent trades on AUI:
    1. A bunch around 7.72/3
    2. Two at 7.79, including one for 3 shares
    Does this look like an algo trader propping up the price for a sell-off?
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