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Discussion in 'Development' started by Jeffb, 2nd Sep, 2015.

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  1. Jeffb

    Jeffb Well-Known Member

    13th Jul, 2015
    Hi all, hoping for some guidance and wisdom from those more in the know.

    I am looking at a particular site with a plan to subdivide and retain existing dwelling. I have looked at a lot previously, and I believe this is ‘the one,’ (subject to sale price), but just had a few queries:

    • Current driveway is in the centre of the block, and goes diagonally across the front lawn and alongside the house. Will this be an issue going forward? If so, is it a simple process through council to move driveway to boundary of block? The only reason that I can see it is in the centre is due to a tree within the property (are there issues with removing trees)

    • The frontage of the site is 15.5m. (block is approx.. 800sqm). The distance between house and fence is 3m minimum, from my understanding this complies with rescode?

    • Lot is flat, but drainage and sewer points are in an easement within this property at the rear. I assume this is a good thing as no neighbour permission is required. How does this work with drainage from existing dwelling going ‘through’ rear subdivision?

    • The property is in Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity zoning. So that appears that I would have to get a CHMP done. Anyone gone through this? Is it an expensive, lengthy process?

    Property is in Melboune (Kingston).

    Thanks, and look forward to responses.

  2. BuyersAgent

    BuyersAgent Well-Known Member Business Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Hi @Jeffb welcome,

    Great choice embarking on the active value add process. I can't comment on your specific area as its not a patch I have spend time in the bowels of the planning policies but can I suggest that seeking confirmation on these questions from a good quality local surveyor or town planner might be money well spent? With development particularly we reach a point where free advice is no longer adequate and perhaps not many will be in a position to provide watertight site specific advice for free as the ones most qualified are busy doing it for their paying clients.

    Anyway maybe you will get some responses but when you hit site analysis stage I believe its time to build a good team to tick these boxes and make the development project a slam dunk.

    All the best with it!