Managed Funds Selling Units in Navra.

Discussion in 'Shares & Funds' started by dreamworld, 16th Aug, 2005.

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  1. dreamworld

    dreamworld New Member

    15th Aug, 2005
    I am new to shares and managed funds and I hope someone can please explain.

    I bought 40K worth navra shares in the managed fund, and today I had a look and it states $41,806 as the value.
    If this is the profit then I am happy as I bought them a month ago.

    Woud I be able to cash in units to the value of $1806 and still maintain my
    40K initital investment.

    How much would it cost to sell them. The brochure says no exit fees, but a
    sell margin of .15% i think.

    any help or info to this would be great.

  2. Steve Navra

    Steve Navra Well-Known Member

    7th Aug, 2005
    Hi dreamworld,

    Yes of course you could 'cash in' some units and redeem your profit!

    As you correctly understand there is no exit fee . . . but your sale will be liable for the buy / sell difference. (This amount is not a fee and is distributed amongst the remaining unit holders.)

    Contact Therese at Navrainvest and she will explain the process to you.

    Alternatively you might just wait for your quarterly distribution which at this point is approx. 4.09% ($1,636) Maybe if you wait until 30 Sept it might even be greater than the $1,806 profit :) )