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    19th Jun, 2015
    Certus Legal has group in it because we run as separate divisions. We run this way so that it is clear that we are not general practitioners, our lawyers do not cross over although they do meet with the same client at the same time to provide an integrated solution.

    Certus Commercial Lawyers
    Certus Conveyancing Lawyers
    Certus Family Lawyers
    Certus Property Lawyers
    Certus Wills and Estates Lawyers

    Certus Commercial Lawyers
    This has 2 strands within it.

    Litigation - handles all sorts of commercial litigation, business disputes debt recovery etc and
    Planning and Environment Court. We also have a unique specialty in mobile phone towers.

    Front End Commercial - joint ventures, business agreements, share sales, corporations act compliance, startups, business acquisitions

    Certus Conveyancing Lawyers
    We have a very large and constantly growing conveyancing practice. Currently we have 5 solicitors doing conveyancing for QLD, one for NSW (opening 17 August 2015). Our conveyances are actually run by a solicitor, we do have admin staff in the background assisting the solicitor but the solicitor is the one running it day to day. We run fixed price packages all inclusive of search fees, professional fees and GST

    Certus Family Lawyers
    This is our newest division and we have brought on a very experienced family lawyer who has had her own practice. Started because in QLD without stamped consent orders from the Family Court you need to pay full stamp duty on property transfers.
    We primarily do consent orders and binding financial agreements, again all fixed priced. Fully contested divorces done at an hourly rate.

    Certus Property Lawyers
    Commercial Conveyancing, Commercial Leasing, options, community management statements, title, survey plan registration and easements all at the same fixed prices for everyone. We do a lot of land subdivision and off the plan unit developments and again bundle it all up into a per box fixed price, but price depends on number of lots.

    Certus Wills and Estates
    Wills, probates and estate management.

    I also have PRO Town planners which does all sorts of town planning throughout QLD. I no longer work in that practice but still consult daily with my manager and planners. Also there is a lot of cross over on both appeals and the post development work.