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Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by GASmelb, 17th Jul, 2015.

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  1. GASmelb

    GASmelb New Member

    16th Jul, 2015
    Dear all,

    we have had a bit of an ongoing problem with leaking through a (second story) corrugated iron roof on an old Victorian terrace house (inner suburbs). We have had one company inspect and do (minor) repairs on two occasions but both times they have not identified anything obvious/specific which was likely to be causing the leak.

    Unfortunately now have plaster and paint damage (a hole) inside. Keen to get to the bottom of this issue ASAP, but really need to find the right tradie that is a bit more creative and investigative - hopefully not suggesting to just replace the roof - which otherwise seems in reasonable condition. Tenants have so far been quite understanding, but i suspect their patience will eventually wear thin.

    The company we have used twice has more or less washed their hands of it now and suggest we get a "roofer".

    Does anyone have any suggestions for tradies they have used and think would be good for this situation?